This Week at Betty


Tuesday, September 16th

We haven’t had a euchre night in a while. Let’s do it. Until the weather is cold enough to fire up the wood stove and huddle around playing cards (some of my fondest memories) I’ll limit euchre nights to about once a month not that a spontaneous game can’t erupt on any night. 6:00.

Wednesday, September 17th

Salon! 6:30. We’ll be discussing the affect of technology, the internet, cellphones, Facebook, Titter etc. on human interaction. Is constant and instant access better access? What is happening to our attention span? That kind of stuff. Join us. Spectate. Or ignore us and drink. Your choice.

Thursday, September 18th

Tery Metcalf. 7 p.m. We enjoy Tery’s blues so much that I intend to make him a semi-regular. Being semi-regular is a lot better than being irregular, or so I’ve heard. You could set a clock from my…uh…habits.

Friday, September 19th

Beth’s Betty Bar Birthday Bash. 6 p.m. I think. I’ll verify and get back. Everybody loves Beth. Beth loves everybody. So if you didn’t receive an official invitation, not to worry. You’re welcome anyway. We’ll serve flatbreads at no charge (to you) and Stu will no doubt spin vinyl.

Recently at Betty

         I'm out all the time to take in the live music scene. Last night was the best night out in a very long time. Welcomed the minute I walked in the door! Clean, beautiful, elegant and comfortable. No smoking always a plus. The gourmet appetizers were supreme. Great price on the wine tasting. And the music and poetry readings, hosted by Tim


A night spent with genuine and original people. Thank you.

--Theresa Davis

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We're located at the corner of West 5th and Plum streets above Mainstay. Look for the side entrance on Plum and go upstairs.



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