This Month at Betty



The entire month of April will feature many

of the best blues artists in the region or the country,

for that matter. This week’s schedule is below. Look

for Kelly Ritchey, Sonny Moorman, Brian Wallen, Leo Clark, Dave Muskett, Tery Metcalf and others on future April dates. Big ole Batch o’ Betty Blues.

Coming Up at Betty




Wednesday, April 1st

Gypsy Jam. I need musicians who have a Wednesday to give for food and drinks and maybe a little cash if things go well. Plus the privilege of jamming with your brethren artists. We start at 7:30.


Thursday, April 2nd

Noah Wotherspoon with Jessi Bair. Acoustic blues. 7:30


Friday, April 3rd

The Blues Merchants 7:30


Saturday, April 4th

The Cheryl Renee Project. 7:30


Tentative April Menu


Special Events and Items to Be Announced


- Fried Green Tomatoes


- Pan Fried Oysters


- South of the Border Salad with black beans, corn, cherry tomatoes, avocado, tortilla chips and lime-cilantro dressing (vegetarian)


- Camogli misti (half an avocado with shrimp and thin slice English cucumber over sea salt. Drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice)


- Gourmet Pork ’n Beans


- Black Bean Soup


- Rum Bread Pudding

Recently at Betty

         I'm out all the time to take in the live music scene. Last night was the best night out in a very long time. Welcomed the minute I walked in the

door! Clean, beautiful, elegant and comfortable.

No smoking always a plus. The gourmet appetizers were supreme. Great price on the wine tasting.

And the music and poetry readings, hosted by Tim


A night spent with genuine and original people.


Thank you.

--Theresa Davis

Where Is Betty Bar?

We're at the corner of West 5th and Plum streets across from the Convention Center. Look for the side entrance on Plum and go upstairs.


Contact Us:


(513) 633-5666