This Week at Betty


Thursday, October 16th

I’m presenting the coming week in reverse with the most important thing first, your attention span being what it is.

The Rebirth of Betty Party. Mainstay and the 140 decibel “music” is gone. It’s time to reboot.

We’ll introduce Chef Ricky. Chef R’s specialty is Creole, Cajun and anything Southern. We’re providing free (substantial) samples of his (substantial) talents. BBQ ribs, Gumbo and Red Beans and rice (vegetarian). Music by Fat Shannons. We’ll kick off around 6.


Every Thursday will be Creole night. Then once we get back on our feet we’ll have more dinner nights including some special guest Chef evenings.

Wednesday, October 15th

Let’s play euchre. We haven’t had a good euchre night in a while. We’re past due.


We’re closed on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We’re still in heavy private event mode but that will subside somewhat soon.

Recently at Betty

         I'm out all the time to take in the live music scene. Last night was the best night out in a very long time. Welcomed the minute I walked in the door! Clean, beautiful, elegant and comfortable. No smoking always a plus. The gourmet appetizers were supreme. Great price on the wine tasting. And the music and poetry readings, hosted by Tim


A night spent with genuine and original people. Thank you.

--Theresa Davis

Where Is Betty Bar?

We're located at the corner of West 5th and Plum streets above Mainstay. Look for the side entrance on Plum and go upstairs.



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